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North American Wushu Association (NAWA)

NAWA Information

Now is the time to take your skills to new heights. Join the North American Wushu Association

NAWA was established to promote the art of Wushu and Kung fu and to aid in its advancement. To help individual martial artists and schools realize their full potential as well as provide them with resources and instruction at a world class level under the supervision of Master Kenny Perez and his associates.

Master Perez wants to help promote true Wushu to those practitioners and artists who have the need to know more and want to be part of a legitimate group of a true Contemporary Wushu/ Traditional Kung fu association, while having a source to draw and learn from, even if you are in a remote location.

It is also set up to help other martial artists network by providing the following membership benefits:

  • Provide educational information, continued training and resources.
  • Roster of students and members.
  • Access to Master Perez and his teachers
  • Bi-annual Newsletter
  • Recognition and promotion on national level
  • Updates
  • Workshops(discounts)
  • Yearly summit retreats
  • Competitions
  • China tours
  • Certified promotions, Certificates of promotion
  • Certificate of membership
  • Monthly cyber “teaching”(optional)
  • Ability to send DVD or file of class $25.00 to review your skill level.

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